What Is National Wealth Center?


National Wealth Center is fromerly known as Infinity downline and is an online MLM business, the way it works is that you’re paid instantly $25 per referral and $25 every month! You get 100% commission! Its $25 to start but your first referral will allow you to recuperate the $25 dollars you just put in, Immediately breaking you even. All you have to do is copy and paste 10-15 Ads a day and share this money making opportunity with other people. Lets say you sign up 20 people in a month, thats $500 you’ve made for that month, and every month after you will keep getting that $500! Think about how much you’d be making if you do that for 6+ months! Would you risk $25 for the chance to make hundreds? or even thousands per month? This particular compensation plan has your second and fourth sale not go to you, but straight to your sponsor. This is called the "REVERSE 2 UP SYSTEM". You might be thinking that your losing out on 2 sales, but this only happens to your 2nd and 4th referral. Your referrals second and fourth sales go straight to you. This will allow you to generate multiple sources of income! Its a very simple system, you don’t need to have any previous experience, knowledge, or skill all you have to do is share it with your friends, advertise it on all SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Instagram etc) the system basically sells itself over and over. When you sign up you get your website link to refer people too. This is definitely the easiest marketing program to prospect. With other opportunities and programs theirs usual a high cost buy in as high as $1000 but you have a buy in for the low cost of $25!!!

  • Break Even On Your 1st referral: You get the $25 back instantly with your first person.
  • No Products To Stock Or Ship: The digital product package is provided and delivered automatically to your customer on your behalf by the company. 
  • Instant Pay: Paid daily(referrals) and also monthly(Residual). All members pay each other directly. The company has this product on autopilot for no confusion.
  • Compounding Income: Automatically create multiple streams of income via "THE REVERSE 2 UP SYSTEM"
  • Residual income: Creating a growing monthly residual income which is essential to building wealth and securing financial freedom.
  • 100% Commissions You get 100% of the commission per referral and no added fees!

Reasons to Join TODAY!

1. Low entry point that everyone can afford.  Only $25! 

2. Break even with just one person.  You get the entire $25 from the first person you refer into your programs.

3. Compound your efforts due to the reverse 2 up compensation plan.

3. Extreme value with product that has universal appeal… Education.

4. Residual income.  You will get another $25 every 30 days from your referrals.  Who wouldn’t want to renew to continue to get the immense product or keep their downline?  You will have a very high renewal rate.

5. LOW ADMIN FEE!  This is key. Every company charges ridiculous prices for start up fees, admin fees, etc. The admin for this company is only 9.95! And its 9.95 total no matter how many levels of the program you are in!

6. No expensive start-up kits. No hidden fees. No false advertising. No hype. Just an honest way to make a difference in your life!

7. Access to the National Wealth Savings Center. That’s right! EVERY member gets access to thousands of coupons and discounts for everything you can think of from hotels and resorts to the movies. SAVE EVERY DAY!!!!



That won’t happen. National Wealth Center has a VERY HIGH retention rate. Not only are the audio and video products constantly updated, It’s also it’s very important that you remember this concept.. You break even with just one person. If your members have at least one active person in their group, they break even so why would they leave? You see what I’m saying?  Everyone is locked in and not going anywhere. If someone is at a break even or positive cash flow, chances are very high that they will stick with it and pay you $25.


Still Don't Understand?


1 ) "What Am I Paying For ? ". You are paying for your NWC membership. As a member you receive all the following benefits discounts on car rentals, shopping, hotels, clothing, website, training, live webinars, team interaction and much more

2 ) " How Can I Earn Money With National Wealth Center ? " You earn money from getting other people to join your business and you break even with 1st sign up.

3) Are You Good With Instructions? If will be successful. I will teach you step by step everything I did to become successful with this.



  • You are paid based off of How Many and How Successful your downline becomes.
  • You are profited in three ways, Commission, Residual, and the "REVERSE 2 UP SYSTEM"
  • Along with the videos and audios on the website which become available to you as soon as you join, I will be personally training you, and helping you set everything up step by step! I’ll also be introducing you to a system which sets your ads up AUTOMATICALLY so you don’t have to manually post every 20 minutes and get frustrated. You can literally advertise all day long while going about your day getting automatic leads coming to you. Well that’s it! hope to work with you! When you join ill be contacting you right away.



Benefits Discounts on Hotels, food, movie tickets , car rentals and much more also a website and huge training package

As a GOLD member you earn $25 in residual income. What does that mean? You earn $25 EVERY SINGLE MONTH from the same person.Example: If  you recruited 10 people this month. 10 X $25= $250. You will earn $250 every single month. As you keep working the business your residual income keeps growing every single month.